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Nankang Winter Activa 4 205/55 R16 94V XL


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Nankang Winter Activa 4

Please note: We only supply the tyre. Even if a rim is shown in the photo, it is not included in the price.

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Tyre size:205/55 R16 94V change
Type of Tyre: Winter tyresWinter tyres
M+S marking
with snow flake symbol with snow flake symbol
XL Multiple reinforced tyre with very high capacity (Extra Load)
Customer Reviews:
EU Tyre Label:Roll resistance C Wet grip B Noise emissions B71 dB
part number (sku):
Item No.:D-124833
Speed Index:V: this tyre is approved for speeds up to 149 mph/240 km/h allowed.

  • The directional V-shape tread pattern design, with main lateral grooves stretching curvedly from center to shoulder, enhances lateral drainage and snow grip.
  • The broad sipes on center rib provides the powerful biting edges, becoming snow rake to expel ice and snow.
  • Broadened circumferential groove can improve longitudinal drainage efficiency and drainage performance on wet roads substantially.
  • The recessive design on circumferential groove wall enhances the water-film breaking ability to reduce aquaplaning, and snow expelling efficiency.
  • On tread shoulder, lateral grooves blocks increase snow biting edges to maximize wet and snow performance.
  • The varied shape blocks and ladder-shape pattern areas broaden the contact area with ice/snow to strengthen snow-shoveling capability and reinforce snow traction.
  • To maximize snow grip, 3D-sipe design is adopted with different depth depending on different block location.
  • The profile design of the optimized tyre's footprint (tread contact width) can improve rolling resistance and even wearing durability.

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