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Car parts offers

Drivers who drive their cars daily know that it can be really expensive. There are taxes, insurance, fuel and of course spare parts.  Each trip causes merciless wear and tear and quality parts can wear you out. Whether brakes or timing belt, at some stage in the life of the car, pretty much every part needs to be replaced. In order to prevent a huge hole in the budget, we offer high quality car spares at keen prices through our shop 123tyre.ie.

You will find inexpensive brands as well as original equipment quality parts in our selection. From brake discs to brake pads, from clutch to Bowden cable, from windscreen wiper to catalytic converter and much more, you can replace all the important components with new parts from us.

Naturally our online shop also stocks the correct winter and summer tyres - who would want to risk a fine and points in the UK due to worn tyres? And, finding the correct parts and tyres is child's play. Just enter the make, model and type or simply enter the key numbers, HSN and TSN found on your car licence papers, into the search engine. In this way you will quickly find the correct parts for your car at our shop page 123tyre.ie. This is especially important for safety related components as a wrong part could cause a dangerous malfunction.

In this case an exact model-specific part is essential. Should you still be unsure as to whether the vehicle parts will be compatible with your car, then phone and ask one of our competent assistants at  customer service. They will help with advice on the site and help search for the correct part.

Prices include VAT and delivery within Ireland.

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